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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cooked breakfast & chip butty - proper British food!

27th August 2013
Once you accept the fact that you're not perfect, then you develop some confidence.  ~Rosalynn Carter
So that was the last Bank holiday of the summer, did you survive?  Mine was very chilled out, spent at home and because yesterday was so lovely we sat in the garden most of the afternoon chilling out.  Hopefully will find out more about my neck today, appointment with the consultant in-between meetings, so a busy day too.
I had a lovely cooked breakfast yesterday morning which could’ve been either a completely filling and healthy breakfast using your daily healthy oil, or 12pp on the ProPoints plan.  Delicious doesn’t have to be dripping in grease.

For lunch it was the chicken and bacon casserole 10pp, we didn’t eat till after two because I wasn’t really hungry so I put out a smaller portion and still left quite a bit of it because I was still satisfied from breakfast. 
 About 7pm though I got my ‘I want to eat’ head on and we opted for a chip butty, and this example shows that even a healthy version where the chips have been cooked in an Actifry with only a bit of oil can come out at 14pp.
A standard portion of chips from a chips shop in the Eat Out guide are 14pp for 210g, now I know from local chips shops in Wolverhampton/Walsall when I’ve bought a ‘normal/regular’ portion, they usually weight 2.5lb - which would come up as 78pp!  So if you have scales and like a bag of chip shop chips, weigh them at least once.  Add a deep fried piece of cod to that at 16pp and OUCH, you’ve spent 94pp in one meal, would you like bread and butter with that!  I don’t think anyone would nip to the shops and buy a 5lb bag of potatoes, peel, chip and fry them, then share them between two thinking that was an acceptable portion size would they? 
So wish me a short waiting list after today’s appointment, I really want this lump in my neck gone, it’s uncomfortable and affecting my day to day movement and my sleep!  Boo!
I asked at the beginning of the blog if you survived the weekend, I know some of you will have had a fabulous time, however not been on track with the plan and you know what – that’s fine.  As long as you enjoyed yourself, without guilt and you get back to sensible eating today, then it’s ok to have a day or two off, I know I’ve not been 100% and I’m ok with that, I’ll take whatever the scales have to say this morning with a smile on my face and a lump in my neck and get back to reining in the daily ProPoint usage ;-)
Here’s to TRACK IT TUESDAY! You in?
Have a great day, EatGorgeous & BeYOUtiful. xx

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