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Monday, 17 June 2013

Loving being enthusiastic again...

Monday 17th June
We all make mistakes, by being patient with yourself as you would another, you can grow and learn from them.
My back put paid to me doing too much in the garden yesterday, even after the painkillers were consumed, I did manage to paint a couple of fence panels and potter for a hour, then I made the mistake of going ‘for a look’ to Hollybush nursery!  Mmm that didn’t work, and I came  back with some lovely plants and 3 pots to start off my plant pot garden and then enjoyed putting them in place and planting them, I know have an instant bit of colour up the one side.  I haven’t felt this enthusiastic about a project for quite a while and I’m loving it, of course the added bonus is it’s taking my mind off food today’s the last day of my tracking week and tomorrow hopefully will show a loss.  It should I’ve earned 50pp from activity so far and that’s just setting the pedometer at stepping not active.
Food was the last thing on my mind yesterday so when I did finally stop, I quickly threw together this;
Which used up some of what was in the fridge, in the pack I threw lots of mushrooms and spring onions, 10pp back bacon diced up and fried together till almost cook, then I added 10pp cooked rice and some sukiyaki stir fry sauce cooked through, and had 5pp halloumi that I threw in half way through too. Finally I threw some spinach at the end; I had half of it for 13pp.
 I then indulged in a long bubble bath and a huge glass of red wine – bliss on the back ‘-), had an early night and slept like a log.
I’ve got so many garden ideas buzzing round in my head, all I need now is lots of time, a bit of nice weather and of course as always money!  I’m having to try to contain myself because I know what I’m like and I could go crazy with it all.  A bit at a time though and it’ll all get done, but as my brother said a garden is never ‘finished’ it’s something you work on forever, mmm a bit like your health and happiness, even when you get to your goal weight you still continue to work at maintaining it. A quote I read yesterday said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” (Audrey Heburn apparently!) the same can be said for yourself really; to take care of yourself is to believe in tomorrow and many of them hopefully.
So what to do today, it’s “Mom Day” in our house not Monday so it’s up to the lady herself whether she wants to go anywhere, I do have the dentist at 2pm though, we could go to Wightwick Manor using our National Trust cards and have a look round their gardens, it’s not to far away and it’s not far from my dentists either, we shall see what she fancies, she’s still asleep, been a proper lady of leisure this weekend she has.
For now though I’ll spend an hour on paperwork stuff, drink another pint of water then maybe go sit in my new garden with a nice hot cup of tea.  What a fab way to start the week, however you’re starting yours – enjoy, Eat Gorgeous and believe in a healthy and happy tomorrow. xx

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