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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Enjoying my Filling & Healthy week

Thursday 27th June 2013
When the heart is happy, the simplest foods bring immeasurable delight. But when the heart turns against itself, even the best of foods fail to satisfy.
Well I’m actually enjoying having my meals planned out for me, I wondered if I’d not fancy what I had planned because I know I can be a bit like that but the last month of not really thinking about food has helped to get me out of that habit. 


So the quorn cottage pie was actually not bad, I did add a couple of stock cubes to the pan to add a little more flavour but we enjoyed it and mom didn’t realise it wasn’t meat, she liked it because it was easier to eat than chewy beef mince!  The lentil soup was good too, I was concerned I’d overdone the day because I had 4 slices of bread and spread with my soup and, 2 slices with my breakfast, then I had 2 slices on the afternoon just for a snack all with Weight Watcher spread on, however when I actually ProPointed my Filling and Healthy day even with my glass of wine and a dollop of St Agur added to my soup it still only totted up to 34pp and I’d earned 8pp on my pedometer so I was rather pleased.
My working week is flying by this week and as always I’m loving my meetings and my members, I weighed one of my regulars Tuesday morning and he’d lost 4lb, his wife looked at him and said, “see it’s all that gardening”, to which him being the diamond that he is retorted, “Don’t be daft, it ay what you shovel in the garden – it’s what you shovel in your gob!”  Made me laugh anyway, and he’s not wrong is he, being active is fabulous, it’s excellent for your health, it makes you feel better and of course it does burn calories but it will not counteract the damage of constantly overindulging.  It rang true for me that’s for sure because I know I overdid it last weekend because I’d done all that gardening, I was using the activity to justify the indulging and that’s why I lost half pound and not more.
I’ve started looking for filling and healthy meal ideas in case I decide to do it again next week, so far I’ve found broad bean falafel wraps which I fancy having a dabble with, that recipe is in the Your Week from last week, I’ve never been a broad bean fan but as I haven’t tried them for a long time, it’s time to give them another shot.  Another idea was offered to me by a fb friend and that was for - in a bowl mix shredded lettuce, finely chopped tomato, grated cucumber, dollop fat free yogurt, mix in a sprinkle of garlic salt, add 9g chopped cashews (1pp), 10g cheddar (1pp) and stuff into a Weight Watcher pitta, followed by a bowl of melon and strawberries.  Sounds nice doesn’t it.
If you have any suggestions feel free to post them on my Facebook page or email me.
So today I’ve got fruity porridge for breakfast, a club sandwich for lunch,
Club sandwich
Calorie controlled bread, toasted
Prepacked ham
Skinless cooked chicken or turkey breast
Lettuce, tomato, onion
Layer the ingredients between 3 slices of toasted calorie controlled bread to create your sandwich.
Then for tea its;
Herb crusted salmon & rice
Calorie controlled bread
Lemon juice
Fresh parsley
Salmon fillet
Brown rice
1 tsp healthy oil
Make breadcrumbs with the calorie controlled bread and mix in the chopped fresh parsley, healthy oil and squeeze of lemon juice. Pat on to the top of the salmon fillet and bake in the oven until cooked. Cook the rice adding the peas for the last few minutes. Drain and stir in the spinach. Serve with the salmon.
All sounds quite tasty I have to admit.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ1xcPzRbGk this video just made me smile, how many times when you’re trying to lose weight do you open the fridge to see what’s in there, be funny if this was what was there!
Right I’m off, busy day Thursday always is, up at 5 then none stop till almost 8pm, and I love it ;0)
Eat Gorgeous everyone, it’s surprising how good you feel choosing the healthier foods, really does make a difference to your moods, don’t believe me – try it. xx

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