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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You are whatever you think you are!

15th February 2012

The most important thing you can do in your lives is be aware of the thoughts you think and the foods you eat." - Louise L. Hay,

Some of the things I hear come out of people’s mouths never ceases to amaze me and sometimes sadden me because what we think and what we say has a massive effect on how we live and what we believe. 

Here are just a few things I’ve read/heard the last couple of days;

“So disappointed in myself.”  Now those four words can make you feel totally dreadful and thinking/speaking that way is not going to help motivate yourself at all.

“I’m a typical Aries” this was used to justify/explain a behaviour trait!  Now as much as I enjoy horoscopes and personality analysis (and I’ve read quite a bit about both), no one is a typical anything unless they allow themselves to be.  Sorry that could be changed slightly, I’m a typical ME!  That’s about as far as I’d want anyone to finish the sentence, and even ‘typical me’ can be changed if my behaviour or my life is not how I want it to be.

And the last comment I heard I won’t even print but in a nutshell, it changed my opinion of the person instantly.  You don’t have to like everyone, nor do you have to like how others behave or live their lives but you do have to accept it.  None of us has the right to tell another, what they’re doing or how they’re living is wrong.  Sometimes the sentence “I don’t like…..” should be kept to yourself, not shared with a group of people proving your ignorance!   Saying “I don’t like carrots” is one thing but when that sentence is proving you’re a bigot then that really does sadden me. 

We’re all different and we all have our different ways, I meet so many people in my work and I accept them all for who they are, I may not understand their life choices, heck I don’t understand some of my best mates life choices because they’re not the choices I’d make, but it’s exactly that THEIR CHOICE and who say’s my choices are right or would be any better! 

Yep if I had superpowers, the one thing I would get people to do is think about their thoughts and words before they use them because not only can you hurt yourself with those words and stop yourself from becoming the person you long to be, but you can also hurt/offend others.

So remember your thoughts create your reality, and your words can change your life, honestly they can, mine have.  I’m much more positive these days then I was 10-15 years ago and I get more positive every day because I work on it, I think about what I say before I say it.  If I get upset with someone or someone annoys me, I think about the situation and what I can do to rectify it and ask myself if any of it is down to my behaviour.

In my opinion words & thoughts are more powerful than food because the one can most certainly lead you to the other and it can also lead you away.

What words are currently programming your subconscious and how can you change them?

So how exactly can we make use of this amazing power that words have to influence our minds and behaviours?

Change your online password to a positive message. Change your password to give youan encouraging message every time you type it.

I was tempted to give you a list of possibilities but then thought it was probably better to leave you to come up with better ideas for yourself.

Be careful about what you read and watch on television. Ever noticed how a novel you're reading can affect your mood - or how a certain film or TV programme can stay with you for days? If you watch too much news on telly or you read those misery-stories, maybe it would be worth considering a change in your choice of entertainment? Just think what all those words could be doing to your behaviour and outlook...

Pay attention to the thoughts in your head. Of course, a lot of the negative reinforcement messages that we get are those we put into our own minds ourselves - often on a negative spiral feedback loop that keeps us stuck inside our worries or feelings of negativity.

Half of the challenge is realising just what is going on in our minds because it is often such a background noise that we are not really aware of how aggressive, anxious or other it can be. If you can train yourself to recognise how you are creating your own lines of behaviour or obsession or mood, you can then devise methods of breaking the loop by priming your mind with opposite messages.

Whenever you are feeling a bit negative or down, pay attention to what you are saying to yourself in your head and you may be surprised by what you find!

One example of this for me would be whenever a driver pulls out in front of me or comes round the roundabout without signalling, in the past I’ve probably shouted at them and got a hand gesture in return, which leaves me wound up for a while, the last week or so when this has happened I’ve just slowly shaken my head from side to side whilst thing “silly behaviour” (not silly person because normally they might be amazing, it might be a one off behaviour) they usually look at me confused or unsure as to whether my shake of my head was aimed at them!  But I’ll guess they know what they did!

I love this idea - create a permanent source of a particularly key message. If you have a key message that you'd particularly like to impress on yourself then how about making it into a work of art and framing it or creating it as a screensaver?

I’m going to do this at the weekend I think, a chance to get arty and creative, whilst getting my message further ingrained in my soul!

Spend today turning all the negatives into positives, go write a positive facebook status, go pay yourself a compliment in the mirror, go tell someone you love then, it doesn’t have to be Valentines day to do that!

However you play – Enjoy your day. xx

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