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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Food glorious food....

The most important thing in this world is to learn to give out love, and let it come in. Morrie Schwartz

Well what is that saying, “to err is human…” mmm well I was very human yesterday,  I popped in Asda to get plums and damson jam for my pork recipe which was absolutely delicious by the way for 7pp, anyway back to the erring!  I noticed Weight Watchers Belgian éclairs in the freezer section and thought mmm my favourites, I haven’t had one of those in so long, so I bought the box and decided if I took them to my meeting and shared them with my helpers it would be okay as they are only 2pp each.  Well it said takes 20 minutes to defrost but when I tried one they were still frozen, so we left them and when I remembered them later, I can’t believe what I did, I hid them in my bag until I got in my car and by the time I got home they were gone – all 6 of them!  When I worked out the ProPoints it was 14pp, not the best choice of lunch, but I did it, I enjoyed them, I won’t do it again.  So yes to err is human to really mess up takes a Beverley ;)
Did I feel guilty – NOPE, was I disgusted with myself – NOPE, did I enjoy them – YEP

I get so many members who tell me they’re disgusted, embarrassed or feel guilty and it makes me sad because we shouldn’t feel that way about ourselves regarding food.  If you gonna regret it don’t do it was a very valuable thing I was told when I was about 16 by a friends mom one night when we were off out, she obviously wasn’t talking about food, but it became my motto for life from that day on and it’s stopped me doing some very silly things, one of which was going to MacDonalds yesterday after I’d finished the éclairs, I realised if I did that I would regret it, so I turned round and drove home. 
Ooo going back to my Pork Steaks with plums, ginger and soy from the Complete Kitchen cookbook (page 144), it was very tasty and a good way to get one of your five a day for sure.  I now fancy making Cheese and apple 'sausages' with cauliflower mash and green beans out of the Simply Enjoy cook book, 7pp because  Fay posted a photo on our facebook group yesterday and it looked very tasty indeed, Amanda also posted that she’d made that soup from yesterday blog and it’s delicious apparently so worth a go.  It’s great to see so many of you posting your successes on our group, I think it really helps encourage us all to keep going, especially if we’re struggling. 

Huge congratulations to Sharon Hickman for achieving your 50lb certificate last night, wow well done, such a great achievement and you look fantastic.
I won’t need to cook today because I have taken stuff out of the freezer from my previous cooking sessions which is a bonus as I’ve got a busy day, but I do want to try the new Garlic & Herb Bag ‘n’ bake that arrived yesterday in my stock delivery, they look delicious and easy to use for 0pp, just add a chicken breast or veggies, very nice, especially as the ones I’ve been buying from the supermarket are 4pp and I find them a bit ‘too overpowering’ on the flavour for my liking whereas I love garlic.  I love that there’s no washing up afterwards, always a bonus! 

Still dark outside but no snow so I can live with that, another cup of tea, then take Alfie for a walk before work, gotta love Thursdays up at 5, leave at 7.45am and finish work tonight at 7.30pm, no wonder I fall asleep in my armchair later ;-)

Have a great day, I will.

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