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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Only happens once every four years!

29th February 2012

Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground.

Great meetings yesterday 253lb lost already this week, that’s fabulous.  I think we’re all realising the sunshine is about to show its face more often and we’re gonna have to take our big cardigans and coats off so we need to drop a few pounds to feel good doing that.  It was lovely to see a few returning faces too, and nice to know they want to come back to my meetings.

Every four years an extra day is added to our calendar to make sure we don't spin into another universe (or something like that). I know it's done for a reason but won’t even begin to explain why!

How special is today for those that were born on the 29th February in a leap year, they only get to celebrate properly every four years, so for them its truly special.  For us it’s the novelty of an extra 24 hours in our year that otherwise you wouldn't have. Good yah!  Why not do something different with it?  You might be thinking it’s just another day in another week and you’ve got to go to work as usual – I know, me too.  But I bet there’s a spare hour or half hour you could find sometime today to do something you’d enjoy and if not today, pencil it in for the weekend and maybe do something for the whole day instead of an hour.

I think I’m going to spend the hour sorting out a playlist for running, I keep putting it off because of time, so today I’m doing it, regardless of the fact I have sooo much to do, for a change everyone else will have to wait. 

We had this conversation in the meeting last night, how members are too busy to eat lunch because of work.  So if you come under that category, here’s something to think about - when would you consider it more important to work harder on taking care of yourself – when things are tough and stressful, or when things are easy and cushy?

When times are toughest, right?

The times when things are hectic and stressful are the very times you really need to focus on taking care of the engine that drives you – your body – to prevent it breaking down when you need it the most.

Work environments are becoming harder, not easier, and we increasingly have to do more with less. Greater workload and pressure is falling upon fewer shoulders…and we are all getting older, not younger.

With each month that passes how many of us are getting in better shape rather than worse? How many are building more energy rather than less? How many are getting better sleep rather than poorer?

Time spent working on your nutrition, your energy and your recovery isn’t a cost – it’s an investment in building better health and a fitter body.

A stronger, well-maintained body will resist the damaging effects of stress, pressure and long hours far better than one that has been neglected.

Don’t miss a meal or a workout and don’t cut short on quality sleep.

If you fail to prioritise taking care of yourself it won’t be a question of IF you break down, it will more than likely be a matter of “when”…

Today’s a special day, It only comes around once every 4 years - so make the most it.  Make it the day you decide to put yourself and your health and fitness first because you are the most important person in your life!

Be Amazing!

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