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Monday, 13 February 2012

Thank god it's Monday!

13th February 2012

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius

Yesterday I got up yet again to another grey morning I had to walk the dog in.  I decided that instead of letting the weather once again filling me with lethargy I was going to find a way of turning a grey day to silver.  I wanted to end the day feeling a lot better than I started, I’ve struggled with everything over the last 3 or 4 weeks, a combination of things causing it from not feeling 100% healthwise to making unwise food choices to the weather.  So I finally realised yesterday I needed to do something and change it. 

Obviously I can’t change the weather but I can change my attitude towards it.  I can’t change the way other people behave but I can change the way I react.  I can’t change the food choices I’ve made over the last month but I can change the food choices I make over the next month.

I walked the dog and at the same time spent a lot of time looking around at the beauty that was still there even on a grey day.  I chatted with a friend about a couple things too, to help straighten them out in my head.  Then when I got home I caught up with a couple of bits of work so I don’t have to rush too much today.  Next I had a long hot bath to relax my mind.  Then I spent a few hours going through a pile of good food magazines looking for new recipes to re-ignite my eating behaviour.   I’ve semi-planned my meals for the week, what I mean is I’ve picked out some recipes I fancy making and made a shopping list of foods I enjoy to fill my fridge with, Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya being one of them Garlic & Herb Tagliatelle (recipe in Your Week) being another and I’m finally going to get round to making the curry butternut squash soup which I blogged last week.

I started with cooking garlic chicken and vegetables using one of those WW bake in the bags, and served it with couscous – it was very tasty.  

I’ve realised I haven’t been spending time cooking and enjoying my meals (I’ve just been eating them) and that doesn’t help my weight because it’s not enjoyable.  I need to enjoy things, I love the lust for life I have, and it’s been missing a little the last few weeks in everything other than my work, so it’s time to get it back.  I’ve got a fabulous couple of months coming up, lots going on too, so I need to get myself energised and ready to do it.

Here's something I read in a magazine article yesterday and it’s worth a few minutes of your thinking time.

Imagine your life one year from now and, if it's unchanged, ask yourself if you're okay with that?

I can honestly say, apart from my winter blues the last few weeks, the answer to that question is a big fat YES, I love my life.  I’m very fortunate to have amazing friends and a life that works for me, I’ve made choices along the way to ensure that life of course, it wasn’t handed to me on a plate!  I then started thinking about my weight and again, I’d be happy to weigh what I weigh today this time next year, I wouldn’t be happier to be heavier though, I need to learn to maintain that weight in a healthier way and if I could lose a few pounds I wouldn’t mind but at the same time I want eat and be healthy more than I want to weigh a certain weight.

So if you’re looking for your motivation to lose weight or make changes in your life ask yourself

“Imagine your life one year from now and, if it's unchanged, ask yourself if you're okay with that?”

Then if the answer is NO, work out what needs to happen to make changes.

If you’ve got out of bed dreading the day, because it’s Monday ask yourself what do I need to do/change to enjoy Mondays as well as every other day of the week.

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