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Monday, 30 January 2012

You can't beat a curry that doesn't cost your weeklies!

30th January 2012
Give yourself permission to be yourself!
I had a lovely day yesterday pottering, after my morning walk which I really enjoy, even when it’s freezing cold, I sat in my office and did some work then sorted through all my filing drawers (18 of them!) and threw away a lot of paper, it felt good.  My desk is still a mess but my drawers are tidy ;-).  I then cooked beef curry using the new Weight Watcher curry pastes (available in meetings this week) and I was pleasantly surprised to say so easy to make and absolutely delicious.  I’d rather add one of those pots than mess about with lots of different spices, I checked a Pataks Rogan Josh curry paste I had in the kitchen and you have to use ¼ jar (8pp) to make the same dish the Weight Watcher ones are 1pp per portion.  Today I’m going to use the vegetable one to make Cauliflower Curry for 1pp per portion and I thought I might make a Chicken or mushroom one for my mom later in the week and add some WW crème fraîche or similar and make it a more creamy curry.  I shall experiment.

The rest of the day I spent reading, I love flicking through my huge pile of non fiction books, the include personal development, self help, diet (obviously), holistic kind of books and it’s something that makes me tick and reading them makes me feel positive.
A lot of you tell me you don't have time to read, sew, paint or do other activities you enjoy because you're to busy doing all the things you are supposed to do. By the time night rolls around, you're exhausted and instead of feeding your soul - you feed your tummy!

How do you do it, how do you find the time to take care of your family, do all your work and chores and have the energy left to enjoy a hobby or pastime?

Everyone is different of course. I find I'm at my best first thing in the morning, that’s when I have my most energy so it's when I get the things done I enjoy doing. It's great to wake up to something I want to do (that’s why I start my day with my blog, I enjoy writing it) and seriously think about it so you need to be wide awake to vacuum! Does it matter how much dust you miss? And if you should run out of clean underwear you can always go Commando! All those things that have to be done get done in the end but if you put yourself last, you'll never get to it!

It's important to give yourself permission to take care of you, first and foremost, before everyone else - it's not selfish - its self care! If you’re running on empty how can you take care of anyone? The more fulfilled and happy you are in your life, the more you'll be able to give. FACT!

Also our loved ones take cues from our behaviour. If we are constantly putting ourselves last we are teaching them to treat us in the same way - if you don't take care of yourself and take yourself seriously - why should anyone else!

Think for a minute, if you had a free hour every day what would you do with that time?  Would you spend it reading, cooking, crafting, white water rafting!  What is it you never get round to? 

Now pick just one of them and find yourself an hour to do it sometime this week. Give yourself permission.  Mine was reading, hence the reason I sat all afternoon and did it yesterday – yes my kitchen could’ve done with a good sort out and my office could’ve been tidied more but I would’ve resented it and I can always do some of that today.  I really enjoyed yesterday afternoon and it’s motivated it and made me feel more positive today, so this week will be easier to get started.
Remember it’s Magnificent Monday ;-) now that sounds better than what you usually call Monday doesn’t it!

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