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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy Birthday - come get fatter! No thanks!

12th January 2012

Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one sitting. It needs continual and regular top up's.
Fantastic day again yesterday, over 200lb weight lost and lots and lots of happy faces and returning or new members coming to do the same, I love to see everyone so motivated and positive.  Although it does make it difficult for me to get to sleep when I get home because I’m absolutely buzzing ;)

Earlier in the week one of you mentioned www.faceinhole.com which is a website and an iphone app where you can put your face in another persons body, so yesterday whilst walking Alfie I had a play and put my head in a slim body.  When I showed it my mate, she said “That’s too thin”, I was like oh, okay, I hadn’t realised I was only messing about, but it did get me thinking and reminded me that no matter how much weight you lose, you’re never gonna have the body of ‘Kelly Brook’ or “Elle MacPherson” because we’re not made that way.  What I’m say is don't aim for a body you can never achieve, aim for realism. No one can go back 20 years to a previous version of yourself nor can you make yourself taller nor your legs longer.  You can’t change what nature gave you, but you can improve it with a good diet and a bit of movement.
So if you’d really like to see what you’d look like when you’ve lost weight log onto http://www.weightwatcherspictureit.co.uk/ and upload a photo of you.  I’ve just had a play, I actually had a full length photo of me in my bra and pants so the image is very ‘REAL’ and it’s motivated me to stay on track and lose a stone.  I now know more or less what a difference that will make and I’ve realise it won’t make me 6 foot and blonde but it will slim my legs an awful lot!   So go and have play…

Can you believe it, what chance have we got, I’ve just logged into my emails and here is a small bit of the email I’ve received, it was a cute pizza man making pizza with my name written in the floor;

Together with a happy birthday message from Pizza Express and a code to get me a free bottle of wine if I book a table, they’ve also sent it a week before my birthday to give me time to think about it, aren’t they thoughtful!  Can you imagine the damage I could do if I got there for my birthday meal!  Pizza Express Salami Toscana Pizza is 28pp! No I shan’t be booking a table, I shall celebrate but not go over my allowance because as much as I could say, “oh I will just this once, it’s my birthday”, I have many weekends away and things planned between now and June that I could say similar and if I keep doing that like I did all through 2011, I’m never going to lose that stone am I?  

No this year I intend to lose a stone and keep up my running because I want to and that’s the biggest difference, last year I didn’t want to, I knew I should both for health reasons and because of my work, but I was happy in my skin and having a fabulous time so I didn’t want to.  This year I’ve realised I can still have the fabulous time and lose the stone, its just about tweaking a few things and being more realistic.  It’s not different to realising your in debt and having to cut back on the spending sprees a bit, when that happens – as it has with most of Britain at the moment, you find cheaper ways to enjoy yourself, just as with food you can find lower ProPointed ways to enjoy food.

For example Friday lunch last year was 3 course meals with my ‘ladies that lunch’ group this year it’s 1 or 2 courses at my house, tomorrow we’re having Sage and onion toad in the hole (10pp on page 192 the complete kitchen) and Sultana Scones (3pp on page 222 the complete kitchen), a delicious meal for 13pp and still in the company of the ladies who are the reason I go out on a Friday, we will still have a giggle without the 50pp bill and the £20 cash bill!   Win/Win if you ask me.

Today’s my official weigh in, wish me look and if you haven’t been weighed yet this weigh, good luck on the scales and remember to get on smiling, it weighs less – I WILL!

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