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Friday, 27 January 2012

No Support like Meeting Support - lovin my members x

27th January 2012

If you would like to accomplish something you must first expect it of yourself. Wayne Dyer

Well I didn’t expect a loss this week, I thought I’d have either another little gain or a stayed same, last Thursday I gained 2lb after losing 3lb the week before and then this week I lost 3lb again so I’m still just about lighter than I was.  It may only be 1.5lb lighter than I was 6 weeks ago, but I’ve had two weeks holiday, Christmas and my birthday in that time.  I’m now halfway through my 12 week journal (I can’t remember the last time I completed that long of a journal) and I’ve just noticed there’s a 6wk review in there for me to complete today.  I finally feel focused, I have since Monday and as I know I’m going to get back to my goal, which is now only 8lbs away.  I have a couple of dresses that would look a whole lot better if I did so they are my motivation, them and my achy back I’ve had the last two weeks.  Last night instead of my nightly glass of wine I had hot milk and the night before I had a pint of water - let’s see how long that lasts, I’m sure my internal organs will be glad of the rest!

It’s almost the weekend and I’ve got a quiet one planned, I plan to cook and clean and generally be a domestic goddess.  I’ll also throw in some running to earn me some activity ProPoints and finish off with a long hot bath and a read of the new Weight Watchers magazine before snuggling down to watch TV.

Cooking wise I’m looking at making a curry, I had some Weight Watchers curry paste (1pp per serving) to sell in the meetings arrive this week so I shall try them and let you know.  I’ll be serving it with chips cos I’ve got a chip thing going on at the moment.

I enjoyed my lunch yesterday, Warburton square(ish) wraps 4pp each or 2 for 9pp and I topped them with roasted fruit & veg and gorgonzola cheese.  I noticed people weren’t impressed that I put strawberries on them, but I likes it, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! There’s a delicious looking recipe in this months magazine for chicken and pineapple stir fry – same thing!

My new week starts today and I’m looking forward to my 49 weeklies because I usually drink them but this week I plan on eating them, I really can’t wait to start eating some superb food, an extra 7pp a day makes for bigger meals or different meals mmmm bring it on.

I’ve had some brilliant meetings this week, and fabulous weight losses (59 stone total – average 1.5lb each), two fabulous members achieved their goal weights well done Matt & Sheila.  Yeah this weeks meetings really brought home that Weight Watchers works because of the group support, it’s not just about the diet, its about the support of each and every member in that room and I for one love that.

I’m so looking forward to my weekend I can’t even tell you, I want to be productive, sort my stuff, this week is when my New Years resolution to get back to goal actually starts ;) a few weeks late but be serious I knew I wasn’t gonna do a great deal before my birthday and who honestly feels like doing ANYTHING before January PayDay arrives, you’re skint, in debt, its cold and miserable and you’ve just had Christmas and now have to wait 12 months for it to happen again.  Yep I think you’ll all agree, January sucks!  Here’s to a Fabulous February, it’s only a few days away.

Let’s all make it through the weekend and lose weight this week – I  WILL!

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