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Monday, 23 January 2012

Starting my day with a glass of water & some truth serum

23rd January 2012

Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else's can shorten it. Cullen Hightower

There’s nothing better than being appreciated, I already love my job immensely and it was lovely yesterday to receive an email from my manager telling me Weight Watchers had received the following email from a member about me, to say I was pleased is an understatement;

Email: I am writing to let you know that my weight-watchers leader Beverley Longsden is amazing. She is understanding, encouraging, supportive and always so positive. She is everything you could wish for in a leader. She is enthusiastic about weightwatchers and the pro-points plan, and her meetings are interactive, informative and motivating! I have been to other meetings but none compare to Bev's. She is a credit to weight-watchers and deserves recognition for all the hard work, commitment and energy she gives! She is an inspiration!

That just made my day, I was smiling all day long.  However other than walk the dog, I didn’t do much of anything yesterday, I was very lazy and it was great.  The only problem with sitting round relaxing and watching television is I haven’t quite learnt to do it yet without wanting to eat.  I’m not sure if it’s because the tv I’m watching isn’t riveting enough to keep my complete attention or just because of habit, I’m still trying to work it out.  However I did start my truth tracker, here’s just a small bit of it to give you an idea of what I mean;

Truth tracker - Sunday 22nd January

After almost 12 hours sleep I’m still shattered from a full on week at work, a night away and two days shopping.

Me and Alfie walked for over an hour this morning and when I got back I really enjoyed a bowl of Weight Watcher oats with banana. However a few hours later and I want to eat again. I don't think I'm hungry just fancy something nice.

We have fish finger wraps for lunch which I enjoy for 12pp but I still want something else. So I eat a tin of asparagus, I also warm a tin of Weight Watchers chicken noodle soup but decided I wasn't that hungry as it wasn’t very nice, so I left it.

I think I only want to eat because I'm sat round doing nothing but I haven’t got the energy to do anything. So I'm going to watch telly and remind myself I'm not hungry I just have my eating head on.

Having just wrote the above I'm suddenly not hungry anymore!

With ten minutes of writing that sentence, a woman on tv has popcorn in her hand. I instantly thought “ooo popcorn I want some”. Then started laughing when I realised what I'd just said after writing I'm not hungry minutes before!

So on this occasion I think I wanted to eat purely for something to do, I wasn’t bored because I wanted to sit around watching television.  Also food is delicious and something I like to indulge in so when you’ve got time to sit and think, food is one of the things that comes into my mind and there are so many adverts (which I fast forward when I can) showing people eating, and even people in tv programmes are eating and show you something you haven’t seen for a while, for example the popcorn, I’ve had three packets of microwave popcorn in my cupboard for six months and haven’t touched it, yesterday because a woman had a bag in the cinema, I WANTED!

How do you solve this habit?  Practice and time I suppose, also by not having the stuff that makes you stray in the house, I’m throwing that popcorn away today, then I won’t be tempted.  I’ve always thought it’s a really good job KFC and MacDonald’s don’t deliver because that could hinder my diet enormously!

Well at least I’ve got my breakfast sorted, I am absolutely hooked on the Weight Watcher oats with a banana stirred in, for me it’s like having a pudding for breakfast and my stomach can cope with it and it will keep me going till lunchtime when I’m at work.  I must say I really enjoyed the fruit salad we had at the hotel Saturday morning but fruit doesn’t always taste that good – if it did I’d buy it more often.

Here’s to a week of truthful tracking and lots of weight loss on my scales, it was 825lbs last week (59 stone!)

Are you going to track – I will!

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