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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Life's all good again

4th November 2017

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

I had a wonderful day yesterday, actually I’ve had a brilliant week (we’re not talking weight loss success here btw).  It started with me covering a meeting, it wasn’t a very busy one but me and the helper went way back so had a bit of a catch up, she was one of my first gold members when I first became a Weight Watchers leader.  Last night’s meeting was awesome as always, something happened in that one that I can’t blog about until next Friday after I’ve done a week of meetings inbetween as it’s part of the meeting and I only started that yesterday, didn’t just amaze my members, stunned me too! 

I walked in my house last night to the sound of music, I’d been listening to my brother sing all afternoon whilst he was cooking in the kitchen and every know and again I’d here mom in the living room add a line to the noise (they both sounded like they were being murdered might I add!), but on the night when I entered the living room they were dueting and it was wonderful to see, both of them enjoying each others company and having a lovely time.  I recorded a few minutes on my phone to keep forever.

We had a lovely even and I forgot about all the difficulty of the last few months / years, we just had fun.  We talked about the past, our childhood, mom’s life with dad, but not in a miserable way, we laughed because we realise the days that break you are the days that make you and boy have we all been a bit broken now and again.

What was really lovely was walking in the house to the smell of delicious food that someone else has cooked for you, now that was something special I have to say.  Terry had cooked me his Greek speciality Stifado that he has mastered – wow, really tasty.   Here’s the recipe as he told it to me;

Stifado (Terry style)

1kg meat in big pieces (beef = 19sp)
Heaped tsp ground cumin
Garlic - we used 1 big bulb
Heaped tsp cinnamon
6 bay leaves
Salt and pepper
Onions or shallots (as many as you want)
2 sprigs rosemary
8 cloves crushed
Whole tube of tomato purée
3/4 bottle Red wine (14sp)
Olive oil - heavily drizzle (2 tbsp = 9sp)
Add a bit of chilli to suit your taste.

Put olive oil in big pan
Throw meat in. Stir & seal
Chop garlic fine - throw in
Then throw everything else in, top up & Cover with water
Then simmer for a long time. (Good couple of hours)

It was seriously good, I enjoyed every mouthful, and at 42sp for a huge pan, it wasn’t bad value for points either, he served it with carrot and potato mash which I think he added mustard too and that was lush too.

One last meeting this morning, a sneaky massage then I get to spend 48 hours with my family and I intend to enjoy every minute of it.  Anyone for a game of scrabble J

For the first time in a long time I’m buying a lottery ticket today after what happened in my meeting last night, seems I have luck on my side at the moment.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend BeYOUtiful make sure you enjoy your loved ones around you and make a little time for yourself.

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