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Friday, 11 October 2013

I just love food and have as much willpower as an ant - sound familiar?

10th October 2013
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”   Philo
It was a very good day yesterday in my meetings, two of my gorgeous ladies got to their goal weights, Janet has lost 79lb and Diane has lost 48lb both have made changes that they can keep up forever and it’s lovely to see.  Diane was the lady I blogged about on Monday http://wwbevsworld.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/its-only-numbers.html and Janet joined just 12 months ago not wanting anyone to know she was coming to Weight Watchers and before she knew it she was in the newspaper with me and my group celebrating my diamond leader award, and now she doesn’t mind who knows she did it with Weight Watchers, she proud to be a successful slimmer.
I’m aware that not everyone is feeling so successful at the moment though, and that’s the reality of trying to lose weight, it’s not easy - are you struggling? Do you think you're the only one who finds this difficult?   Trust me you're not, we all have our reasons for having times when it's difficult to stay on track, that's why it's important to know you're not alone.   Weight Watchers works because of the group support, so don't give yourself a hard time if you're not 100% focused, do your best - Healthy & Happy remember - always xx
One of my lovely ladies posted a heart felt post in our fb group yesterday and I’m guessing so many of you could relate to her post, a few snippets she wrote included;
I try to be good”
“I just love food and have as much willpower as an ant”
“I'm just fed up of arguing with myself because I can't eat this and can't eat that”
Normally I don’t share what members write in our group without their permission, but I’m guessing she’s still asleep and to be fair anyone of thousands of people could have wrote those three lines because I hear similar so often – hell I’ve said similar in my time.  I can remember sitting on the floor in the kitchen years ago crying and saying inbetween sniffles, “What’s the matter with me, why can’t I do this, why can’t I lose weight, I just can’t stop eating”, etc, etc, etc. 
I used to use the line, “I just love food” all the time, the truth for me back then was “I just ate food”, that wasn’t the same thing, I do love food and most of the time these days I love food and eating healthy & happy and control my weight, sometimes still I just eat food which is a totally different experience, for me “loving food” and “just eating food” are two very different behaviours, one makes me feel good and I truly enjoy doing, the other ends up making me feel bad and I do it without enjoyment, I don’t think I even taste the food when I’ve got my ‘just eating’ head on.  That behaviour for me usually comes from a place of stress, anger, worry or another negative emotion or unpleasant situation in my life that I’m trying to find a way to cope with, it may be something as simple as me being tired or feeling unwell, those are the times I just eat and start to feel bad about my weight and my inability to stick to the plan!
Do you relate?
I was never a fab cook until I realised there was a difference between the two ways in which I approach eating, back in the ‘just eating food’ days I lived off cooked chickens, ready meals, fast food and bread, anything quick, easy and filling.  Since then I love food so much, I love the whole experience of ‘eating’, that I have learnt to cook, I’m not amazing at it and I can only cook food I enjoy eating but I like to have a go and experiment, I started with a couple of Weight Watcher cook books and then I started to think about the ingredients I liked and concocted stuff myself.  I am fond of recipes with few ingredients, that way it keeps it cheap, if a recipe has an ingredient that has (optional) next to it – I don’t put it in, it’s obviously not necessary.   There’s an app you can download that only uses 4 ingredients in all its recipes.   My www.happyowls.co.uk website has lots of easy to cook recipes on there if you just want to try and have a go.
But yep for me there’s a massive difference between “I love eating” and “I just eat food”
Don’t get me wrong I could still eat loads but I realise I enjoy my food more when I eat less of it, when I sit and savour it at the table and think about what I’m having.  I enjoy the process of planning what I’m going to eat and thinking about it, I have a ‘to eat’ list so I don’t forget to have the things I fancy.  KFC has been on that ‘to eat’ list for weeks and yesterday we had it for lunch, 2 pieces with fries was enough to satisfy me, wow that’s a huge move for me, I remember the days I couldn’t have gone to KFC and left with anything smaller than the largest family feast bucket, despite the fact their was only two of us in the house to eat it, I’d be all about the greed and the fact it was ‘cheaper’ to buy more (it really isn’t by the way), however yesterday I had a 6 piece bargain bucket, I refused the offers of cheap extras and we shared it three ways (Alfie likes a bit of chicken!)  It’s taken me almost 44 years to be able to do that!  So if you still can’t, realise that’s because it isn’t easy to change the habits of a lifetime, but it’s doable if you try long and hard enough and realise WHY you’re doing it, it’s not because you’re spoiling your fun or being horrible to yourself, it’s not because it’s not fair that some people can eat what they like and you can’t, it’s because it’s healthy to eat sensibly and you’ll ultimately be happy behaving that way.
“Why can’t I just behave like a normal person round food and not have to think about ProPoints and my weight” Have you said that too?  Yeah it sucks doesn’t it, you know what, I dare say there are people out there who never think about food, don’t worry about their weight but do they enjoy eating?  I’d rather ‘LOVE FOOD’ and have to think about controlling my intake than be blasé about it and not enjoy it – eating is a fabulously enjoyable experience and one I want to always enjoy.
Anyway, I’m rambling now, need to work and get to it, hope you have a fabulous day and BeYOUtiful xx
Always Eat Gorgeous never JUST EAT!

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