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Saturday, 26 October 2013

If something looks too good to be true - it usually is!

26th October 2013
A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier. Tom Stoppard
I had my massage yesterday and it was awesome, really helped to loosen up my shoulders and legs, then I nipped to the shop for supplies and who’d have thought that carrying  a few shopping bags to the car could put strain on your neck!  A few more days of healing needed I think, an easy weekend for me for sure, although I’ve been awake since 2.30am for some reason, so I decided to get up, I can have a snooze later if I get tired again.
Whilst I was at the Chi Rooms, a mom came out of the treatment room with her little boy, he’d been really good in there playing with toys whilst mommy had her legs waxed or whatever she had done.  He spotted the tub of treats on the counter and they gave him a lollypop – his face lit up with joy!  That’s my friends is where it all starts, what chance have we got really but to have a love of food?  It starts from the day we are born doesn’t it and throughout our lives food is continually used as a treat / to make us happy / as a reward / to cheer us up etc etc etc and so continues to build our emotional attachment with nice food. 
Of course it’s not a bad thing, as long as that emotional attachment doesn’t start to become a problem, unfortunately for a great number of people it causes a weight problem which is then difficult to get to grips with.
Not easy living life a human being is it!  It’s a damn sight better than the alternative though!
Now and again I see posts on facebook showing great ProPoint finds and sometimes they’re right but sometimes they’re wrong, one that I noticed the other day was for gravy granules by Goldenfry, they’d put that you got 10 x 5g spoonfuls for 0pp – nope unfortunately not -you might get 10 x 5g of made up gravy for that!  I bought a tub in Home Bargains yesterday to check and the nutritional info on the tub states “made up as directed” and you’d use 4 tsps (20g) to make 250ml which would be 3pp, so yes you could have a couple of tablespoons and call it zero, but that wouldn’t be enough for a meal.  I’ve checked on Weight Watchers esource and it’s incorrect on there too, they’ve got it as 10 x 5g spoonfuls for 0pp but that isn’t for the granules trust me it’s for the gravy.  If it looks too good to be true – it usually is, even Weight Watchers esource has mistakes on it, and I will inform them of this one.
Packaging can be very misleading and the most misleading line on there is probably when they use the “made up as directed” line!  It especially gets people with pasta pots and supernoodles I’ve noticed a lot with my members, it’s when water has to be added to a product that confusion sets in.  It isn’t that the water mades it more ProPoints, it’s that they’ve worked out the nutrition of the food from it’s ready to serve / cooked condition rather than its raw state.  I hope that makes sense!
Anyway as of today I’m back on track, I’ve had my time off due to being poorly, and I’m happy to say I didn’t gain weight, I didn’t lose it either but hey ho.  I’ve decided to do Filling and Healthy for a few days so that I’m eating super healthy and controlling my intake of  treats/junk/wine etc.  I’m also not 100% so eating really well can only help my recovery and I want to keep things simple and you don’t get much simpler than the Filling & Healthy plan.
I think I’ll go back to sharing my meals/tracker with you for a few days to encourage me to stay on track – it’s amazing how much better behaved you are when you’re sharing, I know one Debbie who’ll be glad I’m doing that!
So here’s to a day of Eating Gorgeous, healthy and happy all the way.  Have a great day. xx

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