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Saturday, 12 May 2012

I love days like these, look up at that sky!

12th May 2012
People may doubt what you say but they will believe what you do.

42 ProPoints! Yes that's how many pp were in my Chiquitos Classico burger meal yesterday lunchtime after the cinema. Shocked doesn't even come close to how I felt when I checked my eat out guide when I got home. I had tried to look on the iPhone app but Chiquitos wasn't coming up, so I had what I fancied knowing all of the menu looked high, we were on a time schedule so couldn't drive about. It was delicious but could be made at home for half the pp, big mac & large fries is only 26pp. I'd said to Lynne how many do you reckon I thought 30 she said 20 lol just shows this guesswork lark isn't really very accurate and we're leaders!

So if you're not 100% tracking, weighing and measuring then don't be surprised if you don't always lose.

I had a wonderful day yesterday and I have used every spare ProPoint I had, I in minus figures now which means I'm running every day till weigh day to earn them back. Today and tomorrow is all about moving more and staying within my 26pp daily allowance.

Started the day well, changed my bedding before leaving the house, as I type I'm out walking Alfie on a glorious sunny morning. Don't be fooled though we've had a frost and it's cold. My hands going a bit numb now so I'm going to stop typing for a bit!

Warmed up again now me and Alfie have been out 45 minutes so far half walking / half jogging and we are still a mile or more from home, he's not impressed with the mucky wet road we are on but I'm not turning round now! ;-)

A bit of sun makes all the difference doesn't it, it's absolutely glorious out here walking through the farmers fields. And it looks like its forecast for the weekend too.

I shall enjoy the morning walking and being outside then later I'm going to get a bit of housework done, it's long overdue, can only put the ironing off for so long I'm running out of clothes! Maybe a movie whilst ironing, it's never as bad in reality as I imagine it's going to be.

Might cook too, something easy but tasty, mmm I have some new potatoes which I might boil then slice into a dish with fried onions and red peppers, top with Parma ham and cheese and cook through in the oven. I can serve it with salad leaves. Ooo yeah I like this walking, thinking & typing lark and I now can't wait for my dinner tonight and no sorry there isn't enough to share.

Right I'll post this when I get back but for now I'm going to enjoy the views.
We’ll we’re back, 5 miles we’ve done and it was great, my back gave up the last ½ mile though, so I’m going to do the housework stuff out the way first and if my back eases or time allows before my appointment later I will run too.  I already have 3pp on my pedometer though so that’s great for a Saturday 12,000 steps = result.

Almost forgot to say we saw American Pie reunion at the cinema, if you enjoyed the films the first time around, then you’ll enjoy this one, we laughed out loud a good few times.

The photos are from my walk this morning, for more click on photo below.  Happy Saturday everyone – enjoy it. xx 

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