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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Who's Thirsty?

12th May 2013
“Every man is the architect of his own fortune.”  Sallust
Go get a glass of water and have a drink before you start reading this….
Right bet you didn’t but how much water did you drink yesterday?  I’ve already drunk my first pint, I’m sticking with my new tweak of at least one big glass of water before my first cup of tea, and the last few days it’s been carry on drinking water until mom wakes up and wants a cup of tea.
Now I noticed something yesterday , I regularly have a massage because it helps me with all my aches and pains and chills me out of course, and whenever I get off the bed at the end I’ve always got a bit of lower back pain from lying flat for so long.  However yesterday I didn’t have any pain at all!  Did you know that dehydration can cause lower back pain or make it worse – is it a coincidence that my back didn’t hurt or is it because I’ve been drinking more water?  I’m not sure but I intend to continue drinking the water. 
Drinking water just makes sense when the body is made up of roughly 70% of it, you need to keep that topped up, your body needs it to function, for example one of the liver’s job is to pick up the slack for the kidneys, which need plenty of water to work properly. If the kidneys are water-deprived, the liver has to do their work along with its own, lowering its total productivity. It then can’t metabolise fat as quickly or efficiently as it could when the kidneys were pulling their own weight. If you allow this to happen, not only are you being unfair to your liver, but you’re also setting yourself up to store fat apparently!
So go how a drink, if you don’t believe me google it, but basically waters really good for us, and yes if you struggle at first with the trips to the toilet, that will wear off the more you drink because your body will get used to it.  You’ll also notice – if you bother to look – that over a few weeks your skin will improve too and you’ll look healthier too.
It’s yet another no-brainer isn’t it plus you can go pour it out of your tap, I was about to say it’s free but then remembered my water rates!  So you’re already paying for it so go get your money’s worth!
For those of you that say you don’t like water, tough lol, no seriously it hasn’t got a taste, well my tap water hasn’t anyways, if you must add a bit of squash to it.   Just make sure you’re not dehydrating that body of yours, not sure if you are – easy test go look at your pee, it is isn’t running clear then you need water.
 Two pints down me, moms just surfaced so its time for a brew, enjoy your Sunday xx

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