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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day one done :)

18th May 2013
“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.” - George Lucas

Busy day yesterday, back and forward for PR and the papers, all good fun though and hopefully Denise and her story will be in today’s Express and Star and maybe the nationals next week – exciting, you will all get to read her success story and see her photos.
Day one of the 8 week body challenge complete, on track and within budget, I have to say if I could choose where to lose the 7lb from that would make me very happy because yesterday when I put my dress on that I hadn’t worn since last year I had for the first time an amazing pair of boobs sticking out lol, they were still being helped with a bit of padding but some of it for a change was my own ;-) so if the universe is listening can I keep that bit please and you can take the half stone off my ass!  My body shape has definitely changed over the last couple of years – you’ve gotta love hitting your forties.  And for the first time yesterday when the extremely cute photographer asked me my age, I wanted to lie because it was so obvious he was much younger, however I smiled and said “43” thinking I’m a good 43 though yeah.  You should have seen the three of us all flirting with this young gorgeous man, I bet he was thinking oh my get me out of here – hilarious, it definitely was not like a scene from “Sex in the City”.
So today will be more relaxed and I intend to do my meal plan ideas for the week, I’ve already had a quick look in the freezer and other than fruit and veg, I’ll probably get away without doing a full shop this week as I have plenty to go at.  So far I have breadcrumbs (6pp) and actifry chips (5pp), there’s some chicken kiev (8pp) and Lamb Rogan Josh (6pp) which I thought I’d serve with cauliflower rice, there’s a chicken tagine (7pp), and a sausage in gravy with mash and peas in a Yorkshire for 19pp so I thought I’d split that between me and mom and add extra veggies.  Yes that took all of the length of time it took for the kettle to boil to work out, so meal planning doesn’t have to be difficult nor time consuming, and I don’t have to decide which meal to have on what day, I’ve just got options to choose from to save me grabbing at something that’s too high in ProPoints.  I need to do something with that Halloumi I have in the fridge too.
Still no internet connection which isn’t helping because I can’t print anything out nor access stuff on my pc to send via email as it isn’t a wi-fi pc – boo!  Thank goodness it’s the weekend or I’d be screaming by now.
I fancy a lovely long walk this morning, I might throw Alfie in the car and drive somewhere first as it looks promising out there, forecast says rain about 3pm, so yes I think a little drive for sure.  Will take my camera too, and see if there’s anything nice to shoot. 
Then I will just go with the flow of the day, not planning anything, will just see how I feel as I’m feeling gooooood today and relaxed and chilled out and I’d like to hold onto that feeling. 
Right I’m off as I’m now looking forward to my walk ;)
See ya, have a Sensational Saturday. x

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