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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Back on track from today ;-) again!

28th May 2013
“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!”  Lucy, Peanuts
It feels like ages since I’ve been to work yet it was only last Thursday, nice weather sure does make the weekend seem longer because you actually ‘do’ things.  Yesterday was spent tatting about up the garden, we’ve decided to slab it all but before we can do that everything’s got to come out and there’s lots to come out.  Mom just can’t cope with the weeding and gardening anymore and I don’t want to do it, even just having spent a few hours doing it yesterday and my hands are really hurting this morning, plus my back doesn’t like it either, so slabs it will be.  We can always add pots of pretty stuff if we want to later.  So that’ll be the project for the new month or so! 
I stopped tracking Friday and better start again today, I’ve not been the best this weekend but I’ve really enjoyed it so I’m not going to complain, I can’t do that every weekend though, I know it was a Bank Holiday but every weekend is like a bank holiday for me now I don’t work Mondays so I need to learn to manage that extra day. 
So in line with the Summer Body Confidence 8 week journal, I’m going to do what it suggests for week two and focus on Filling & Healthy foods this week, it might help me with my appetite (yet again!).  I won’t do F&H days but will try to include some Filling & Healthy foods in all my meals this week.  Think I’ll start with scrambled eggs this morning mmm nice, I do like eggs it has to be said, they’re up there in my top ten for sure.  If I was to do a F&H day today though I could have baked beans with those eggs, mmm starting to get tempted!
What could I have for my other meals though, hold on I’m going to have a look in the cupboards, back in a minute…
Mmm maybe, could have gammon and some Actifry potatoes, the problem with F&H is I start to think about all the things I can’t have but also my portion sizes might get silly.  However if I just do it for the day it won’t be going without for too long.  I’ve fancied a proper cooked dinner all weekend so I might get a joint or a chicken and make one tomorrow, won’t really have time or the inclination today.
I’ve also noticed my pedometer hasn’t made it round my neck since Thursday either, and because of that I don’t think I’ve walked as much, Alfies been a bit lazy with his morning walks so we haven’t gone as far as we normally would and he didn’t get a second walk yesterday from me, mom took him.  Good job we did that walk Saturday at Attingham Park or I wouldn’t have covered much ground at all, I was a bit active in the garden though so all’s not lost of the activity levels.
It has been a fab weekend though, we’ve really chilled out and enjoyed it, I even managed some housework which is always a good thing.  My bedroom is transformed into a tidy palace yet again, my closets have been cleared out and sorted, six bin bags removed and given away, my office is as good as it gets ;-)
Yep starting my working week fully refreshed and ready to go, finally got the balance back between work and home life and it feels fab.
All I need now is a lottery win to pay for the work on the back garden! 
Have a fab day, EatGorgeous stay hydrated, if you haven’t already go drink a glass of water. Xx

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