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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Is it important enough?

2nd May 2013
When you blame others you give up your power to GROW and be free of anger by making yourself a victim. Eryka
I do love to learn and yesterday I was reading a book called “the obesity cure” and in it was a bit that said, “early man also foraged, largely on a seasonal basis, for fruits and vegetables that are rich in complex carbohydrates.  But man (and other organisms) never really ate a balanced diet.  Rather, man’s diet was shaped by the available food – protein and fat from game and carbohydrate from fruits and vegetables.  The sources of food varied according to the season and the availability of food (animal versus plant sources.  In response to these changing conditions, biological systems developed regulatory systems that allowed the body’s metabolism to adapt to changing food types.  Adaptation allowed homeostasis and health to be maintained in spite of constantly changing environmental conditions.”  I love it when I read something that agrees with my personal belief system which I’m sure I’ve shared on this blog in the past and that is  I truly believe there is no ‘perfect diet’, not ‘right’ way of eating - there’s only what’s right for you and we are all so very different.  I’m a big fan of author Marc David and I’ve learned so much from him - that there is more to the body and how it deals with food than the simple equation of calories in, he’s a very interesting man.  He helped me realise that at different stages of our life we need different types of food and we eat a different diet.  
I try to eat as healthily as I possibly can but that’s not always easy and my diet changes constantly, some weeks I’ll live off prepared foods, such as I did over Easter week when I treated myself to a week of meals from Waitrose, some weeks it’s skint week so I live off the cheapest stuff I can find and some weeks it’s healthy week because I realise my diets getting a bit rubbish.  The only constant in life is change and our bodies and life styles are changing all the time so we adapt our food intake and other things to suit.  I remember when I first became a Weight Watcher leader and I was super skint because I’d left a very good job where I’d run up a massive credit card bill and gone self employed so I did have healthy finances at all  back then, so for months we lived on a very low budget, I shopped in KwikSave and ate very frugally – no wonder I had no problem maintaining my goal back then. ;0) Before that when I was losing weight to get to goal I used to eat three meals a day, cereal for breakfast, and a Weight Watcher ready meal for lunch and dinner because I was super busy and I just wanted to get to goal, I was working in an office 5 days a week, 12 hours a day and cooking didn’t stand a chance.  I can’t believe how much I’ve changed, now I’ve slowed down, I love to cook when I have time, although sometimes I do envy those who don’t think about food constantly because they’ve managed to ‘set & forget’ their meals for the majority of the time - it must be so much easier that way, much less hassle.
But like everything in life we’re all very different, I go in some peoples houses and they are like palaces and I’m so envious, I’d love such a tidy space but I’m a bit of a house tramp where tidiness is concerned and I just can’t be bothered, it’s just not in my nature.   Some people are ambitious and work their way to the top, I chose job satisfaction of a different kind and I love it because it also means I get to spend time with my mom, she even comes to work with me sometimes, where else can you do that.
I wonder if there is a ‘tidy’ gene?  Mmm and if there is - can it be transplanted!  I so wish it was my natural trait but it isn’t so unless I’m willing to make the effort to change, I’ll have to learn to live in the mess.  I know I’m not willing to because it isn’t important enough to me, the same goes for so many things doesn’t it “unless you’re willing to make the effort to change then it can’t be important enough to you at this time”.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it means you’re obviously getting something from the situation you are in at this time, so maybe work out what that is and embrace it. 
I’m not at my BMI goal weight and I know that’s been because the plus’s of not being there have outweighed the effort needed to get back there for quite a while, the balance is starting to shift I have to admit, so I’m getting closer to it.  What are the plus’s of not being my ‘perfect’ weight, oh where do I start, being able to have that extra glass of wine with dinner, that extra slice of buttered toast, but why is the balance shifting well because yesterday I realised I don’t look so good, nor feel quite so comfortable in my spring wear as I did in my winter wear, I put a tight t-shirt on and it appeared to have shrunk - so half a stone off would be nice thank you very much. 
That’s why my journals out and being filled in every day and I’m saying no to that extra glass of wine!  The first weeks wasn’t fabulous, but at least I wrote it down, regained control, didn’t help that mom ended up in hospital but I can’t keep finding excuses not to do it.  This week it’s improving, not perfect – I don’t think it’ll ever be ‘perfect’ but it’s good enough for me and I plan to get through the weekend without buying my ‘danger’ foods! 
Here’s to a tremendous Thursday, Eat Gorgeous folks and take care of you because you’re worth it. xx

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