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Sunday, 29 April 2012

lazy day planned.

29th April 2012

I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards.  Abraham Lincoln

6.30am, guess who had a lie in – ain’t I the rebel!  Had a lovely night last night, went for a meal with my mates and we had a good natter as you do, and I managed to stay on track because I wasn’t overly impressed with the food.  The Kings Repose isn’t a patch on The Penn Tandoori, I have to say, it didn’t matter though because we were all about the talking and the catching up and for that we could have been anywhere.   The only downside is I’m still craving tandoori chicken from Penn Tandoori, might be driving over for a takeaway soon I think.

Another lovely day out there – NOT!  I shall use the day to do things indoors, my office is ready for another sort out and there’s lots of bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to do, then this afternoon I’ll settle down in front of the tv and spend some quality time with mom. 

I was really productive yesterday, spent most of the day in my office and got bits and bobs done, love weekends like this where there’s nothing I have to do and can just do the things I want to do.  Although it’s beginning to dawn on me that those things might not get done today at all as I’ve been sat here for 30 minutes and haven’t wrote very much so I can’t see me being very productive at all, oh well, here’s to a days chilling. 

I’m thinking beans on toast to give me a bit of a boost of protein and carbs that might spur me into action, on wholemeal bread of course!  Did you know that bread marked ‘brown’ isn’t necessarily as healthy as wholemeal?  The wholewheat appearance is sometimes achieved by the help of caramel colouring, so always read the label.

I know why I’m feeling a bit tired this morning and out of sorts, its because I had a drink last night (first for a week) and also because I’d drove to the airport the night before breaking my sleep so I’m okay with this feeling.  If however you’re feeling tired all the time, did you know constant fatigue could indicate an iron deficiency, so consider increasing your intake of iron-rich foods, such as lean red meat, dark leafy green veg, pulses and liver (mmm I might go get the liver out the freezer could just eat liver and onions).  Obviously if that doesn’t help then a trip to the doctors for a blood test is in order.

Other ways to eat yourself energised are;

-          Eat breakfast, it will kick-start you and set you up for the day.  Opt for healthy options such as porridge topped with fresh fruit, or a poached egg on wholemeal toast.

-          Drink up – staying hydrated will help to keep you feeling alert.  Aim for two litres of water a day. 

-          Little and often.  Spacing out your food during the day into three small meals and two snacks will help you keep hunger at bay, and will also help to prevent that post-lunch sugar crash.

-          Eat more fruit and veg – when you snack, don’t fill up on ‘empty calories’ and foods with no real nutritional values, such as cakes.  Instead, opt for fruits and vegetables, which are packed with vitamins and minerals to help boost your brainpower.

On that note, I’m going to get the liver out the freezer and make myself beans on toast. 

Hope you’ve got a good day planned, don’t let the weather spoil it.

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