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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I am the genie of the lamp, I grant you 3 wishes - NOT!

3rd April 2012
What do you want?
Now there’s a question, and one I was asked by the book I was reading yesterday.  Answer – I don’t know, or nothing, I’m not quite sure which is true!  I couldn’t think of anything I wanted off the top of my head.  More energy maybe!  Did the book author mean big things or small day to day things, I don’t have any “I want to sail around the world” type ambitions, the ones I did have, I’ve achieved, the main one being to see a Blue Whale in its natural environment, it took me a long time and a lot of money, but I saved and I waited and I got there and it was the most magical experience of my life.  If on the other hand he means the day to day stuff, again I’m pretty lucky, I like my life although I would like a bit more energy and motivation at weekends sometimes, if I’m not away doing something I tend to be a bit lazy, but again maybe that’s the way I like it – I’m trying to decide on that one.
I met my mate and her kids for lunch yesterday and we ended up playing the 3 wishes game, I love that little Jenny wanted to know why the number was always three, was it because the genie was only 3 years old.  She tried to play it smart and make her third wish for a thousand more wishes but we put a stop on that one straight away.  I’m trying to remember her wishes now, it’s my age – my memory has always been bad but now it absolutely sucks.  I do remember one of her wishes being to have wings to fly to France, but not wings instead of her arms wings on her back as well as her arms!  One of Wills wishes was to have a flying cape which also made him invisible, a bit like Batmans (his words not mine!)  I think Jenny’s first wish was for a large amount of money, can’t remember the actual amount but it was enough to manage on.  I chose ‘good health, wealth and happiness’, thought that would maybe cover most things.  I smiled when Jenny replied, “Why, aren’t you happy?” My response yes I am but it’s always good to know I’ll always be happy.  You gotta love kids cos her next questions was, “why would you want to be happy if you fell over and broke your arm?”  Mmm good point, well made I’d say.
After we stopped laughing at the fact that everyone had agreed they’d laugh at me if I fell over and because I’d chose good health I’d get over the broken arm so it was ok, I realised little Jenny was right, it’s not normal to be happy all the time!  We have a selection of moods to choose the one that suits at any one time, me yesterday I was subdued and drained, I would have found it hard work to be happy, but at the same time I wasn’t miserable.
So going back to the ‘what do you want?’ question, I would like the energy to do things but also continue to relax and chill out to recuperate when necessary. 
So I’m going to answer that question again.  What do I want?  BALANCE!  Yeah Balance in my life, starting with an equal balance between my work and my personal life, between having fun and relaxing, between eating healthily and having a bit of what I fancy. 
In that same book I’m reading he talked about ‘time’ as if it was currency and said imagine a bank where your money is kept and if you don’t spend it by midnight every day, they take it off you!  I didn’t like that idea at all, but if that was the case you’d spend it every day wouldn’t you – just like we do with our daily ProPoints allowance.  He went on to explain that you’d probably make lists of what you could spend your money on so that you made it go as far as you could every day.  He suggested you do the same thing with your time because we all only get a limited amount of time in our lives, it’s the one things we can’t buy.  If you don’t use your hours wisely, they disappear.  Are you spending your valuable hours wisely or just wasting them away.  What one person sees as time well spent another would see as a waste, same goes for money I suppose, my mom thinks it’s ridiculous we all spend so much time on computers and yet I find it boring how much time she spends watching episodes of CSi, when to me they are the same programme over and over with a different dead body, they also drain my energy because of the negativity involved in them.   Again we’re all very, very different. 
So today, think about your time and how you’re spending it, where do you waste time, where do you wish you had more time and how could you find it.
On that note, I’m going to get ready to walk Alfie because that hour everyday for me is an hour well spent, I love it.
Remember a genie with 3 wishes is unlikely to turn up anytime some, but I realised a long time ago if you have dreams and wishes you can make them happen yourself without his help!
Enjoy your day. x

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