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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Thought you were on a diet - I AM!

30th April 2013
Being defeated is often a temporary condition…… Giving up is what makes it permanent!
A 3 egg omelette with chorizo, spring onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and a slice of seeded bread spread with laughing cow light, burger with fried mushrooms topped with St Agur and square fries.  Pineapple, banana and grapes, finished off with a delicious prawn salad and more seeded bread with laughing cow!  That was my day yesterday and it made me smile because it reminded me of how well you can eat and still lose weight!  I remember when I used to work in an office and my colleagues would walk past my desk at lunchtime and say, “thought you were on a diet?” or “Oh fell off your diet have you?”  My answer was always “No!” I just always made the most of my ProPoints allowance and that’s the beauty of the plan, it works because you can eat good amounts of excellent, delicious food.  I like to make my food look good too, if it looks pretty I’m happy to eat less, personally I eat with my eyes just as much as my belly, food is very important to me.
All it takes is a bit of thought to save you from the usual “diet” food, weight loss doesn’t have to look like this; bowl of weetabix, ham salad sandwich, Weight Watcher ready meal!   Don’t get me wrong if that’s what floats your boat or it’s convenient for you and you’re happy with it then continue on as long as you’re enjoying it and losing weight – that’s the most important thing, you have to be able to do this for the rest of your life!  Oh by the way the ProPoints in that little lot I ate yesterday was 30pp!
I do love to eat and I enjoy the thinking about eating part too, so I’m always thinking “what can I have for my next meal”, if others mention foods I like, I’ll add them to my to eat list and I regularly look for inspiration in the supermarkets. 
I do have to admit though some foods test me, I do struggle with temptation and have realised this weekend that some foods can’t live in my house for long!  For the majority of people that would be chocolate and crisps but I’m not the norm am I, for me it’s KrackerWheat crackers, oh my word they are the perfect snack and don’t look back food.  Before you know it you’ve opened the tin, taken on out and it’s gone leaving you wanting another one almost immediately!  They have the perfect combination of crunch and saltiness, way too tempting for me!  So lesson learned, I shan’t be buying them again for a while, they’re my ‘special treat’ foods for holidays and Christmas and the like or for when I’m having visitors so they get shared!  Do you have a food or foods that you would rather not have within your reach?  Cheese and onion crisps that’s another one!
I don’t usually bother with fruit I have to admit but that bowl I made up yesterday was so filling I may have to rethink that behaviour and start adding some in, I think I’ll start by bulking my breakfast out with a banana and with Summer on it’s way (honest!) fresh fruit should start to taste better too, although I can live with tinned pineapples and bananas.
Anyway busy day ahead, crazy what can happen in a week, Tuesday turned out not to be such a good day last week, that won’t be happening today, I’m looking forward to seeing my members tonight – I missed them.
Have a Great EatGorgeous day and take care of you because you’re worth it.  BeYouTiful. xx

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