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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Need a holiday!

21st February 2013
Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!
Well I managed a week without wanting to eat more than I’d intended, that feeling ended yesterday, I knew it was too good to last, but I stayed on track, I had a bit more but didn’t go ridiculous plus what I had was good food.  I didn’t give in to the packet of bakes in my meeting I waited till I got home.  Thankfully I’d made that cheese, potato and veggie layer bake thing and it was delicious enough to eat twice.  I ended on 45pp, earned 8pp so used 11pp from my weeklies on my fresh week, that’s ok we will survive another week because I want another weight loss, today’s weigh in day.
I spend a bit of time looking at cottages for our Christmas break yesterday and then I thought ooo I’d like a weekend away, but after looking at the prices for Easter I decided against it, and instead thought to myself what would I do if I went away for the weekend, and the answer was ‘chill out’, ‘read’, ‘have a bubble bath’, ‘not work’, ‘eat good food’ and ‘drink good wine’ and also ‘go for a walk if the weather was nice’, ‘spend time with mom;.  I then realised there’s nothing stopping me doing that at home and pretending I’m away, so that is the plan this weekend, we’re hopefully having a day out Friday, then I have a massage booked at tea time so once that’s done I’m locking the door and having a holiday at home – I’m quite excited ;-) gonna plan a couple of movies too.
So like Oliver yesterday did I feel like saying, “Please sir, can I have some more”, almost all day long, I ate well, possibly more than the Wednesday before, so why did I want more.  It just goes to show that there are lots of different aspects to take into consideration – the weather (temperature dropped back down and sun went in) and hormones (where in the monthly cycle) for just two examples.  Another reason could have been (I’m not sure) that I felt rushed all day, like I was behind with my work and playing catch up but not quite getting it all done (mmm that’s one to keep my eye on, never realised before, I know I get the munchies when I’m tired but maybe this is another trigger).  So when you’re beating yourself up because you just can’t stay on track – STOP!  Remember it’s not easy and there are lots of things that get in the way, our mission is to identify them and find solutions for each.  So I’m going to think about some for myself, it might be to have a filling and healthy day planned for days like those, have one already planned for if one of those days sneaks up on me because of course you never know when they will hit!  Luckily yesterday I had good filling food prepared and of course I’m even more lucky that I have a good mate to chat too to help remind me I’m losing weight!
The Warburton square wrap panini is going down a treat, yesterday I had a turkey ham, mushroom & mozzarella cheese one for 8pp, today I may just have cheese and tomato, just loving it for breakfast, but of course it would make a great lunch too.
I’m going to get a couple of tub/tins of fruit to carry round in my bag/car so I always have a snack that will keep so if I’m peckish I’ve got something for zero ProPoints.  Sorting my places and getting into a routine just like the plan recommends and focusing on one thing at a time.
So will I lose weight today?  I better ;-) !
No I should, I’ll be pleased with a pound because I’ve enjoyed my meals, I’m going to have to be careful this weekend if I’m having my at home holiday that I don’t go crazy and think, ‘sod it I’m on my holidays!’ because I would like to keep losing even if it’s 1/2lb a week.
Well today is my busiest day so I’m going to have a good breakfast, I’ve got two possible meals in fridge ready for lunch and tea, but I’m tempted to make liver and onions because I’ve just seen the liver in the fridge and thought mmm nice!  The mash is already done so I could use that – yeah think I will because mom and Alfie will eat liver too and the iron will do us both good.
Right I’m off, lots to do, don’t want to feel like I’m playing catch up again all day today.  Have a truly gorgeous day because we’re amazing!

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