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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Let them eat cake!

2nd February 2013
Gratitude not attitude will may you happier!
 For me life is all about gratitude and good memories, so my highlights this week include;
Oh the best bacon sarnie EVER!  Seriously it all started early part of the week when I heard mention of bacon, then I spent a couple of days thinking about crispy bacon, I even started to smell it – not sure if that was real because there was a café within the vicinity or I’d just got a really good imagination going on!  So Thursday night on the way home I stopped at the Tesco and bought said bacon, there was a loaf of multigrain bread, lettuce and tomatoes on the reduced shelf – well if that wasn’t a sign I don’t know what was!  So BLT sarnie it was!  Me being me of course wasn’t happy with just a simple blt, I wanted to happy owl it up, so in the pan I threw a couple of mushrooms sliced and a little bit of chorizo, then at the end a couple of bits of stilton – Oh My WORD now that’s what I call eating gorgeous!  The bread was 7pp, the bacon 4pp, the mayo 1pp, the stilton 3pp and the chorizo 2pp, the mushrooms of course were zero.  But it was the best 17pp I’ve spent in a good while, better than the last bottle of red I opened!  Simple pleasures ;-)
So my other highlight would have been Wednesday morning when I decided to have a sunshine breakfast, boiled eggs with soilders mmm, I thought I’d also make use of the cooker and the water and do some hard boiled eggs at the same time for sandwiches at teatime.  Three hours later I received a call from my mom informing me that there had just been a huge bang in the kitchen and the ceiling and walls were now decorated with egg and the pan was a little cremated!  Oh dear, note to self, when multitasking ensure you set a reminder to come turn the eggs off!  Bless my mom when I returned an hour or so later, the house stank because she’d left it all for me to see the damage ;)
As I pulled up on my drive the wind had quite generously blown my fence over so there’s memory number three, why am I grateful for that you ask, because luckily I likes my neighbour and Alfie no longer runs off so not having a fence there isn’t a problem for me right now.
Ain’t life just amazing!
Yesterday was lovely too, got mom to come out for coffee and cake, she hasn’t been out for a while so I was chuffed, we went to the Hollybush garden centre, they’ve had a new café and there’s a life up there if you need it and oh my the cake is to die for!  Not a use partaker of the sweet side of food but even I was impressed with the lemon meringue and a sticky chocolate peanut cake thing!  We share, we actually no – Lynne and I shared mom had two cakes Lemon drizzle cake and dime bar cake in a bowl with cream all over them to herself!  She then also proceeded to finish off our leftovers because of ‘waste’ ;-) !
Having looked on line the asda lemon meringue is 11pp, their carrot cake 18pp M&S lemon drizzle is on 9pp!  and their Sticky toffee triple toffee cake is 18 but they’re carrot layer cake is 23!  Druckers carrot cake is 14pp Starbucks carrot cake is 16pp
Don’t forget we shared, so I’m going to say I had 4pp of lemon meringue, 8pp carrot cake and 8pp of the sticky peanut thing.  (There’s an article in this months mag called I WANT CAKE which explains the science behind why some foods are so hard to resist) Luckily I hadn’t had breakfast so that’s 20pp but also don’t forget the coffee (this is also looked at on page 52 of mag), I had a cappuccino luckily it was in a small cup and I left half as I’m not a coffee fan so that’s another 2pp – soon mounts up doesn’t it – all hail the pedometer and weekly allowance!  I didn’t eat again until tea time too which was good then only had a snack.
It was worth it thought because we had a giggle and a good chat, we all enjoyed a morning out of the house, no talk of work and no kids to entertain – bliss.  It may be our 2013 project, testing out coffee shops and tea rooms around the area between here and Burton way where Lynne lives.   We will of course only have one cake per person next time; this time was a special treat as its Lynne’s birthday weekend.  Need to ask the doctor about getting a disabled badge for mom because she really does struggle if she has to walk too far.
So no cakes today, just good healthy ProPointed food within the daily allowance, it maybe Saturday and I will still have delicious day, Eat Gorgeous & be a Happy Owl, I’ll just ensure it’s within my 26pp allowance ;) xx

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Anonymous said...

Bev if u phone the council they will put u in touch with Blue Badge there is a form to fill out and if your mum is getting DLA or similiar u just need a doctor to sign it or just proof of DLA or Attendence Allowance.x