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Monday, 29 August 2011

We deserve it...

29th August 2011

The here and now is all we have, and if we play it right it's all we'll need.  Ann Richards

If all else fails – use blackmail ;D that’s what I’ve done this morning, my mates losing weight and has lost her focus a little over the last few weeks, so I’ve just motivated her with a little blackmail, lose this – get this, it works for most of us.  So what would you like as a reward for losing weight?  Do you reward yourself?

Why not set small goals and relish the achievements you make along your weight loss journey.  Every time my mate loses 4lbs we’re gonna book something to do, so we have something to look forward to, it might be a trip to the cinema, lunch out or a spa day, all depends on how much money we can find. 

It’ll certainly help make the journey more enjoyable and getting to our Goal Weight more likely if we set mini goals and reward ourselves along them way as we reach those goals

By celebrating the small stuff along the way, our long term goal won’t seem so far away, it’s good to stop and realise what you’ve achieved.  Someone once said to me, “You’re constantly looking to climb the next hill, sometimes it’s good to stop and enjoy the view”, that’s stuck with me ever since and now I still enjoying ‘doing’ but I also enjoy stopping and remembering what I’ve done.  If you don’t celebrate the journey, the finishing line can seem a long way away. 

So what kind of mini goals can you set, at the moment, my 9 week goal is the 0-5k running app, I started week 4 yesterday so almost half way through.  It’s important to come up with goals that are unique to you and the challenges you face with weight loss. Keep them realistic and varied, and track them closely. For example, you might make these three goals:

I will walk 30 minutes five days this week.

From now on, I will record everything I eat each day (regardless of my food intake).

I will clean up the kitchen tonight without picking the leftovers off the dinner plates.

Then, when you meet one of your mini-milestones, give yourself a reward. Just like your goals, your rewards should be varied and unique to you. And they don't have to put a dent in the scales or in your wallet (unless you want them to).  Here’s some suggestions;

For £5 or less, why not...

·         Sip on a cup of tea in a cosy café.

·         Finish the day with a long, soak in the tub with a glossy magazine. Everyone loves a good bubble bath once in a while.

·         Enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning — take the phone off the hook and spend the morning in your pyjamas reading the newspaper, a book or magazine.

·         Savour a celebratory glass of wine with dinner.

For £10 or less, why not...

·         Start a 'pamper me' piggy bank: Put away £10 for every pound you've lost.

·         Pick up that new book you've had your eye on.

·         Download the latest album from your favourite band.

·         Buy a relaxation tape and use it daily.

·         Make a delicious dessert from the new Weight Watchers one pot cookbook or from Your Week.

For £20 to £45, why not...

·         Get a manicure or a pedicure .

·         Splash out on a subscription to your favourite magazine and enjoy an hour to yourself when it arrives on your doormat every month.

·         Treat yourself to a haircut or blowdry, or a 30-minute massage.

For over £50, why not...

·         Devote the entire day to a shopping spree for a new pair of shoes. Athletic shoes, that is, to help you earn activity ProPoints® values.

·         Splurge on a bottle of expensive Champagne and toast this celebratory occasion — you deserve it.

·         Enjoy a spa day.

·         Hire a professional cleaner for the day — they can iron, cook or clean while you relax.

I’m sure you can think of lots of rewards, some that don’t even have to cost a penny, my reward usually includes making time for me to do things I enjoy that don’t usually cost anything.

My reward today is if I cook some meals for the freezer I can sit and watch tv for the rest of the day, if I iron too, I can have wine later.

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